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Academic Centers and Institutions

Academic Centers and Programs 

Boston University - Department of Health Law -  provides links to health law cases, research resources, publications, and academic programs.

Case Western Reserve University - Center for Biomedical Ethics -  contains information on guest lecture series, degree program, and Centerviews newsletter.

Columbia University Center for Bioethics - provides an inter-disciplinary, inter-professional forum to advance scholarly work and public understanding on contemporary issues in biomedical ethics. Site provides a Calendar of bioethics events for Columbia University and the New York area, and a comprehensive listing of relevant Links and Resources

Dalhousie University - Health Law Institute site includes annual reports and related links.

Georgetown University - Kennedy Institute of Ethics is devoted to research and teaching in biomedical ethics and other areas of applied ethics. The Institute is responsible for the  Library & Information Gateway which produces bibliographic citations relating to bioethics for the online National Library of Medicine Databases, the National Information Resource on Ethics & Human Genetics, and the National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature. and conducts regular seminars and courses in bioethics.

Indiana University - The Association for Practical and Professional Ethics  site has a listing of electronic networking opportunities, a discussion (chat) service, newsletter, and ethics education activities.

Indiana University - The Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics and American Institutions includes their course book with cases and workshop information on Teaching Research Ethics.

Johns Hopkins University - Berman Institute of Bioethics - site  provides resources on medical privacy, international research ethics, and updated news bulletins.

McGill University - Biomedical Ethics Unit provides both clinical ethics and research ethics services to the McGill University Health Centre and other affiliated hospitals. The Master's program offers an "interdisciplinary academic program that emphasizes both the conceptual and the practical aspects of bioethics."

St. Louis University - Center for Health Law Studies - site contains research resources, online publications, health law career information, and degree programs.

University of Houston - Health Law and Policy Institute -  site provides HealthPathfinder, a web directory containing hundreds of links for health policy, law, and general health information, research publications, and updated health law news.

University of Louisville School of Medicine - Institute for Bioethics, Health Policy and Law- established in 2001, conducts interdisciplinary research, teaching and service in bioethics, health sciences, public health, law and related fields. The Institute publishes The Law and Bioethics Report (LAB REPORT) which is a quarterly publication.

University of Minnesota- Center for Bioethics - provides online access to Bioethics Examiner and publications for CNN's Ethics Matters.

University of Pennsylvania - Center for Bioethics and General UPenn Link site provides links to information on their Master of Bioethics Program, Penn Bioethics Newsletter, What's New?, Bioethics on NBC's ER, Upcoming  Events, Resources Links, and Special Features related to Bioethics. 

University of Pittsburgh - Center for Bioethics and Health Law - site provides a comprehensive listing of academic institutions involved in bioethics.

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center - Program in Ethics in Science and Medicine -  provides case studies, course information, and a list of links of links to news sites, academic institutions, and search programs. 

University of Virginia - Center for Biomedical Ethics - provides outside links and information on upcoming conferences.

Educational Resources and Sites - is maintained by the American Journal of Bioethics (AJOB). The site contains a virtual library and resources on specific issues including cloning, genetics, and assisted suicide. Also see Bioethics for Beginners for educational tools and information on specific topics in bioethics and  Upcoming Conferences.

Biomedical and Healthcare Ethics Resources on the WWW - contains links to over 100 bioethics institutes, programs of study, and health care organizations plus online literature and information on specific topics; site is maintained by the Centre for Applied Ethics at the University of British Columbia. 

The Center for the Study of Bioethics of the Medical College of Wisconsin - site has web-based course work, a bioethics on-line service with abstracts and other sources from the bioethics literature, and resources related to bioethics education, research and scholarship, consultation and community service.

Ethics in Medicine - University of Washington School of Medicine - includes links to principles and topics in medical ethics.

Ethics Updates - a site maintained by Lawrence M. Hinman at the University of San Diego dedicated to applied ethics and ethical theory for ethics students.

Genetics Education Center - University of Kansas Medical Center - a site designed for educators interested in human genetics and the human genome project.

Medical and Bio Ethics Web Page - Columbia University Health Sciences Division - provides a list of links to federal and nonfederal research ethics sites and documents.

National Reference Center of Bioethics Literature provides access to published bibliographies, The Ethics and Human Genetics Database, and research help over the phone. Maintained by the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University. See also the Syllabus Exchange Catalog- a catalog of course syllabi,  listed by title and sorted by level of instruction, on deposit at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics. 

Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science is maintained by Case Western Reserve University and provides ethical codes of conduct, case studies, and resources on research ethics.

Princeton University Bioethics Forum - contains links to educational resources, post-bac opportunities, specific issues in bioethics, and information on the first ever undergraduate conference in bioethics.

Science Ethics Bibliography - provides an extensive list of books and articles published before July 1997 that pertain to ethics and misconduct in science.  This page was created by Vince Hamner at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics - is a production of Yale Law School, Yale School of Medicine, Yale School of Epidemiology and Public Health and the Yale School of Nursing.

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