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Welcome to Spring – 2015! We survived snow, ice, and frigid temperatures. Now we are ready to warm up and see the flowers.

We are happy to present the link to the Webinar that Dr. Ruth Fischbach presented on 2/25/15 that featured research involving 502 of the Simons Foundation Simplex Collection families and 60 scientists.

Do Parents and Scientists have Similar Beliefs and Attitudes about Autism Spectrum Disorder?

The research team interviewed parents with a child on the autism spectrum and scientists working in the field of autism regarding their attitudes and beliefs about the causes of autism, priorities for research, genetic testing, and perceived stigma. The Webinar generated many questions from families leading to a good discussion at the end of the Webinar.

Please find the Webinar here:

An article will soon appear in the journal Autism based on this study authored by Ruth Fischbach, Mark Harris, P&S’15, MPH ’15, Michelle Ballan, Gerry Fischbach and Bruce Link.








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