You’re Closer To A Bali Yoga Retreat Than You Think

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Are you planning to visit Bali? If you have taken up such a decision, you are closer to a Bali yoga retreat than you think.

Highly reliable and reputable retreats like Blooming Yoga Yoga are going to offer you a life changing experience. Bali has always been a nice place to visit for yoga because it offers amazing range of attractions for the visitors. For many, it is an irresistible tourist destination. You can find many adjectives for Bali and some of them include God’s island, Last paradise on Earth and Island of temples. This island has all the ingredients needed to make a perfection tourist destination and it is also a land of spirituality and traditions as well. 

Innumerable attractions and activities


You can get immersed in a lot of exciting and entertaining activities in Bali. Water sports activities will keep your adrenaline rushing and the visits to active volcanoes can make you spellbound. You can simply sit and relax at an exotic beach or go for an enjoyable trekking experience. Counting the sightseeing attractions in Bali can be described as a hazardous task because they are innumerable.

Learn the best yoga techniques and improve the quality of life

When you get engaged in all these activities, you need to realize that you are pretty close to a incredible Bali retreat for yogis of all levels. You must visit resorts like Blooming Lotus Yoga to experience something that is inspiring and rejuvenating. You can learn the basics of yoga properly at these centers and they will teach you how to utilize yoga as a spiritual practice. High quality retreats offer the best yoga techniques that are capable of delivering excellent results and with the help of these techniques; you can improve the quality of your life in the best manner.

What do renowned and reliable yoga retreat centers in Bali offer?

There are so many packages to choose from and customized packages are also developed to meet the exclusive needs of every individual. Top centers like Blooming Lotus Yoga Retreats teach you how to balance your energy levels by offering classes of Hatha flow and Yin/Yang. The asana workshops make you familiarize with mastering a pose and you can also learn about how to work with an injury. Special classes are also conducted on achieving perfect alignment in each pose and you can also attend group meditation classes to know more about breath control techniques.

The comprehensive packages offered by the best retreat centers comprise of practice and lifestyle guidance sessions and they will make you familiarize with integrating yoga into your daily life.

Several people are suffering from inadequate emotional balance and this situation adversely affects their overall productivity. Only highly renowned yoga retreat centers will teach you how to incorporate healthy diet into the routine plans to enjoy optimal emotional balance. When you attend top quality yoga retreat programs in Bali, you can enjoy improved vitality and achieving youthfulness becomes a hassle free process.

You can experience all these benefits while having a mind blowing yoga vacation in Bali.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Yoga Retreats But Were Afraid To Ask

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If you have been pushing the idea of participating in a yoga retreat aside because of a few things that were not clear, it is time to get things straight. Yoga vacations are an excellent way of spending time alone to reset and find your true self. You get a break from your everyday life, and the best part is that you do things your way.
One way of taking part in a yoga retreat is by going as a group, maybe a local yoga class with your instructor or traveling alone. Many people prefer the latter since they want the experience to be more about them and not to think about others since this is not the typical holiday. So, what are some of the things that you should know about yoga retreats without necessarily asking?

Yoga Retreats Are Always Fun

If you think that Bali yoga retreats are spiritual conventions where you don’t get time for yourself, then you want to think again. Depending on the program you choose and personal preferences, retreats are usually fun, and the good thing is that you benefit in the process. Most of the daily schedules include early morning and afternoon yoga classes, and the time between these two sessions can be used for a variety of activities. Be ready to have fun and learn new things.

You Don’t Need to Be a Yoga Retreat Pro

One of the misconceptions about yoga retreats is that you need to be experienced to attend one. This is not true. If you are going to Bali yoga retreat, for example, you will more likely find packages and programs that suit your level of experience. The best thing to do is to make sure that you understand what the retreat is all about before signing up. Some may be designed specifically for experienced stages, and as a learner, you may not benefit much.

You Will Love the Meals

You probably know that most of the yogis, if not all, are sensitive to what they eat and that most of the retreat centers will be serving fresh and healthy meals. Better yet, if you choose to attend retreats abroad, you will get the chance to sample a number of local cuisines and get the gluten-free and vegetarian options as well. While the retreats may not serve what everyone wants to have in their diets, it will be in order to let them know what you don’t eat.

You Will Deepen Your Yoga & Meditation Practice

If you want to graduate from the weekend tutorials and online guides to start trying out the more challenging asanas, then a yoga retreat is the place to be. You will not only meet like-minded people but also get instructions from professional yoga teachers both local and international. With the right mindset and the will to learn, you can become better at your yoga practice and find the best ways of developing yourself.

The Yoga Retreat Center You Choose Matters, A Lot

When planning a yoga retreat, make sure that you get the best center that offers the services and packages that suit you. One of the best places to choose for a Bali yoga retreat is Blooming Lotus Yoga. This center is known for offering the best programs and workshops that awaken new insights and ideas, meditation techniques to find inner peace and enhance mindfulness, and classical yoga that not only energizes your body and mind but also purifies them. What’s more, you will be served the sumptuous Balinese meals and get a chance to attend local cultural events.
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How To Find The Right Yoga Teacher Training For You

yoga 200 hour teacher training

Yoga can be described as a practice that possesses the amazing ability to change lives completely. It has the ability to heal, inspire and transform your life in the most beautiful and meaningful way. Are you practicing yoga for some time now? Have you ever thought of becoming a certified yoga teacher? Several people would say yes’ to this question. You might have seen a lot of training advertisements on the social media sites.

If you are searching for the most effective way to deepen your practice and learn valuable things about yogic philosophy or have the burning desire to teach others yoga, you are the best candidate for teacher training. Several centers are offering training programs all around the world and selecting one can be a difficult task.

You must realize that investing for a yoga training program like the ones offered at Blooming Lotus: is a serious task both in terms of financially and spiritually and it is always advisable to adopt a cautious approach. If you want to become a good teacher of yoga, you can definitely consider a yoga retreat center that offers the most advanced yoga teacher courses.

A good place to start learning more is this youtube video:


Analyze the yoga retreat location, venue and schedule carefully


Yoga training is definitely a commitment of great energy, time and some serious amount of money. It is also an investment for taking on another job for many people. When you decide to choose a course for such a purpose, you should analyze the location and schedule carefully. Yoga retreat centers like Blooming Lotus Yoga offer a peaceful, serene and beautiful location for teacher training in yoga and they offer 2 classes a day to maximize the impact of the practice.

Check whether accomplished yoga instructors are taking classes


It is not just the duration of classes that makes your training effective. The qualification and experience of the instructors should be checked and you must make sure that the instructors are highly experienced and knowledgeable yogis.

Ensure that the training center offers personalized attention to every participant


Highly reputed retreat centers like Blooming Lotus Yoga always give utmost importance to providing personalized attention to every participant. When you attend teacher training retrat to deepen your yoga practice, you have to learn things in a systematic and proper way and personalized attention allows the instructors to correct the mistake of every student who attends the teacher training program.

Assess the reputation of the yoga retreat center


You can come across a lot of teacher training centers for yoga in tropical islands like Bali, Hawaii, Thailand and Costa Rica. The reputation of the center you are planning to choose must be assessed in a detailed manner. Internet is the best option available to compare the reputation of teacher training center.


You must also consider the type of courses a yoga retreat center offers, prices of the programs and number of students included in a class. Another important aspect is to select a certified and registered yoga training center and you should never undermine the importance of certification and licensing.

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Stunning Examples Of Beautiful Yoga Retreats

Yoga training course bali

There many things couples usually do together, from vacationing in different countries to eating out in food establishments together to keep the love alive. Even though this is commendable, this literally means that there are usually very few couples going for a yoga retreat vacation together. However there are many benefits that come with going to a yoga retreat that every couple who seeks them should go to one.

During a yoga retreat you get to:

Enjoy each other’s company

Relationships are straining because of technology and the many distractions that come in the name of bills or the next big release in the market that has to be bought. However when it comes to having a yoga retreat vacation with your partner all this becomes a thing of the past as there are no cell phones, tweets and or any other social media updates that will steal your time from you partner, thus you will be able to enjoy each other’s company.

You get to talk

There is usually no time to talk and get to know each other well as everyone is usually tired when you get home from work. Going in a yoga retreat ensures that there is plenty of time going round. With couples sessions being available you get to get comfortable with each other and as that relax to tell each other everything. This way there is no postponing and you actually get to talk.

De-stress together

Getting away from home and into a yoga retreat vacation may just make wonders for your relationship. This comes about as you and your partner will be able to find ways of burying the hatchet of passed bad experiences together and de-stress together. In the end you become stronger and genuinely happier long after the yoga retreat is over.

Learn to eat well

To ensure that you get to eat well as a couple going to a Balinese yogi sanctuary makes all the difference. This is for the simple reason that as the knowledge is being shared you are both getting it at the same time and o one will be reluctant to place in the changes learned into your daily routines. In this case every healthier step you take as a result of the yoga retreat will be accepted with open arms as you were both learning it together.

Kick bad habits together

When it comes to going for a yoga vacation together time for meditation and spent time together comes in more than the few hours you normally do back at home. This gives an opportunity as a couple to ensure that you get to speak to each other and reflect on what you both want without any distractions. This way you will get to find new ways of making you grow ever stronger to each other and in a sense be each other’s comfort as you will be able to fuel each other’s emotions.

Get that alone time you have been wanting

You will be away from home and you will be able to think about each others goals and dreams during your yoga retreat. This way the appreciation for what you have grows both emotionally and physically.

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Guaranteed No Stress Yoga

We are living in a totally different times given the changes in the way we live since travelling internationally became so easy. There is no question that we are really feeling a lot more stressed now compared to in the past. We are now being compelled to live life at a much faster pace and are barely able to do anything slowly or peacefully any more. To remedy this the getaway that yoga and meditation provides is absolutely something that every person should try. Stress is the primary reason health problems have increased around the globe, and due to the fact that it limits our peace of mind, the tension builds gradually in day-to-day life.

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